Now Playing =
  Randomly plays a MIDI file each time the page is loaded.
  THis script will call upon 1 of upto 10 MIDI files.
*** THis script should not require code changes other than
    changing the number and names to that of the files you
    want it to call upon.
1. Copy the script below, paste it into your HTML file,
    then make the neccessary changes.

2. Change number of MIDI files in the "midis" line.
 EXAMPLE: (If you have 5 MIDI files)

  change: midis = 10
      to: midis = 5

3.  If your MIDI files don't match those I've used here (more than likely
    they don't), simply change the name of the files in the variables to the
    names of the files you want to use.

  change: var mid1 = "thecanon.mid"
      to: var mid1 = "yourfile.mid"
4.  If your MIDI files are not in the same location that 
    you have the HTML document, you will need to change
    the variable of each MIDI file.
 EXAMPLE: (If your MIDI files are in a folder called "midis"
          under the folder your HTML file is in, add the
          folder to the VAR statement)

  change: var mid1 = "thecanon.mid"
      to: var mid1 = "midis/thecanon.mid"

5.  If you don't have ten listed, you can remove all the variables
    (var mid1 = "thecanon.mid") that don't need to be there.

-- begin script --
<script language="JavaScript"> midis = 10 var mid1 = "thecanon.mid" var mid2 = "maplerag.mid" var mid3 = "minwltz.mid" var mid4 = "wldthing.mid" var mid5 = "wipeout.mid" var mid6 = "cats_in.mid" var mid7 = "entrtanr.mid" var mid8 = "bach50.mid" var mid9 = "dadada.mid" var mid10 = "halloween.mid" num = parseInt(Math.random() * 10); while (num > midis) { num = parseInt(Math.random() * 10); } if (num == 0) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid1+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 1) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid2+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 2) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid3+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 3) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid4+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 4) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid5+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 5) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid6+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 6) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid7+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 7) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid8+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 8) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid9+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } if (num == 9) { document.write ("<embed src=\""+mid10+"\" loop=\"true\" hidden=\"true\">"); } </script>
-- end script --

NOTE: If you want to show the "Now Playing = "
then you will need to add the follow code to your HTML file
(separate from the Javascript code above).
Now Playing = <script> document.write (num)</script>