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Your band's website can be added to my list via this form.
    -- THis a FREE link to your site. Like a "Featured Artist" on my site,
    -- I will be randomly displaying banners of "garage bands".
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When making your own banner:
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    -- Image must be Width 680 X Height 84.
If it does not comply with my prescribed banner, I will ask you to review this page and resubmit your request.
THe actual image shown on my site will be 340 X 42. I'm asking for the larger image so that I can shrink it again later, if I decide to change the width of the banners shown on my site.
NOTE 1: Placing your e-mail address here will only send you and I an e-mail message with the information entered. Your e-mail address is not added to any list and WILL NOT be sold or given out for any bulk e-mail listings.
NOTE 2: I'll review your band's site and music, if its good enough by my taste, I'll post it. If its crap, don't expect to be posted. Don't worry though, I have good taste. >8^)
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          from and I'm sure other visitors would too.
      -- The band will not be added if the banner doesn't have it.

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